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Carlos Silva Guzman, Founder
He describes himself as a Fighter and a Dreamer and ended on this Great Country when he was looking for another opportunity to make a Better Life.
Martha Segura Arzate, Owner
She happens to be, according to him, the good part of himself. However, as an individual, she is a woman with all of those characteristics that are contributed from the unity of the Mexican families.
About Carlitos's Diner
Carlitos's Diner is a family-owned authentic Mexican restaurant Huntington Beach. Other Mexican restaurants Huntington Beach may offer similar services, but we provide you with excellence to ensure your superb experience when visiting YOUR diner, making us the best place to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Our menu was made thinking on the most classic and popular meals of this Great Nation since its beginning. At the same time, our Mexican restaurant Huntington Beach includes a variety of classic Mexican recipes, as well as popular American dishes. This way we guarantee that practically everybody will find something of their taste.
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Committed to improve day by day for you... 
breakfast huntington beach
breakfast huntington beach
Phone: 714-841-9966
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